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As more and more changes come to this website, I just want to remind everyone that the website also has a blog and it would be appreciated if everyone visited it as well.  We have a great articles there covering a variety of topics.


New Look, New Feel, New Page!

Over the course of the next several months this website will be transitioning from a tea party group site to a tea party/history information site.  I enjoyed being part of a tea party group in Ashland but for various reasons have moved on from that endeavor.  A new group has emerged in Ashland that is concerned with elections and grassroots volunteering.  I encourage you to engage with them and their various endeavors.  The Coalition has done some remarkable things over the last year and will continue to do remarkable things in the coming years.  Their website is and many of the people involved in that group were also part of the tea party in Ashland. I will be updating the list of tea party groups on the website.  Please patronize them if you live in their areas.

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